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I’ve been working in the floral industry since 2015, and have learned so much through watching, exploring, and taking design risks that I would've never imagined possible for myself.

Now I'm here, ready to show the world what cards I hold in my deck, and how I can best serve you in creating something really spectacular, whatever the occasion.

I’m Mackenzie
and my favorite flower
 Is still undecided.

Rose Bud Thorn is an inclusive and transparent floral design studio, who prioritizes safety, community, quality, and innovation within our space. 

We believe that your flowers should represent you and your love fully. Whatever the size of your event or whatever your visions may be, we are committed to pushing the boundaries and challenging ourselves to bring you artful florals that leave a meaningful mark on the people and spaces they touch. 


Coffee with
whole milk

my GO TO evening DRINK: 

margarita with

I got married at 8am on a foggy farm surrounded by 50 of our closest friends and family,  then we had a party at our favorite restaurant later that night

i love reality t.v.

excited for the golden bachelor season, but more excited for paradise to follow! 

I share a birthday with :
-dalai lama
-frida kahlo
-sylvester stallone
-50 cent

(just to name a few)

my best advise for your wedding day:

-drink water
-eat a snack

"Being able to have a physical connection to my work and working with my hands has proven to be  incredibly important for me. Without this connection with the community, the earth, and with myself, I would not be able to do what I love in the way I love doing it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to design for you, "

quick facts about your new florist

Originally from California, I spent my college years surrounded by the redwoods and ocean on the Northern Coast. I moved to Boulder on somewhat of a whim, and although I will always miss the sea, I’ve never second guessed my decision to come here. 

Inspired by the freeform flow of coastal California and the textural beauty of the Colorado front range, we approach our designs in a way that stays true to nature, emphasizing the shape and landscape of the blooms we are fortunate enough to work with.

RBT sources as much as possible from the local flower farmers who work tirelessly in Colorado’s short growing season, as well as practices floral design as sustainably as we can when we can.


Photos  by Natalie Gray Creative

Xo, Mack